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To prevent corruption appointments the interview system should be done away with

First of all what is corruption ? So the people say generally, “corruption is the misuse of public power by elected politician or appointed civil servants.”

I think corruption is the price we pay for democracy. The person we choose for democracy, the person we choose for leadership, can win all departments with money and other resources and other possible ways.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, he had seen that when a youth gets an interview call, he often looks for a ‘sifarish’ (recommendation). So, he took a step by doing away with the practice of holding interview for recruitment at junior levels. I totally support our PM and appreciate his decision.

One of the areas of corruption is recruitment. Even the poorest of the poor wants that his son should get a job. So, to prevent corruption in appointment the interview systems should be removed because as long as there is interview system in a job, talented and capable person will never be able to get that job.

In interview system, the corruption is because of the person who is interviewing. Being corrupt is a choice of an individual who can trade his honour for money or any other benefit. If that person has strong ethics and belief in himself, he will not trade his honour and will select correct and suitable person for that job with honesty.

But such people exist everywhere who have no morals & ethics. They work just for money and success. To throw out such people from the system we should take steps.

But it is not easy to find and eliminate such persons from the system because corruption has already spread everywhere and if anybody gets a chance for being corrupt then we cannot identify every such person. So, one thing we can do to prevent corruption in appointments is to remove interview system and select the candidate by his merit.

By recruiting on the basis of merit will help the poor to get rid of this kind of corruption. There are many people who come from far away distance to attend the interview and to get the job, but because of corruption and absence of recommendation they are not able to get that job and face disappointment.

So long as the people who promoted corruption in every job are present, we cannot destroy corruption because those people who are interviewing in company and give job to a new person are the ones who are spoiling the interview system today.

As we know, corruption is increasing in our society day-by-day. It is a massive hurdle in development of our country. So we have to stop corruption; we have to take one step by removing interview system for appointments.

To end this practice and avoid corruption the recruitment can be done through transparent, online process.

In top level jobs where personality or physical appearance are required there can be a different system.

Therefore in my opinion interview system should be done away with to prevent corruption in appointments alteast in junior level recruitment.


                                                                                                                        —Nitesh Katoch

India has always proved its worth in producing leading global diplomats, bureaucrats and officials. With its rich educational system and rigorous appointment system, it has produced the best people who serve the nation dedicatedly and bring vibrant results in development of it as a nation. In recent times, people started doubting the abilities of selected officials and the factors such as nepotism and corruption in the appointment of these officials. However, it has been proved out to be farce in larger terms.

The aim of interview system is to determine the abilities of an individual beyond the normal pen-paper test. Some-times, people have enriched themselves a lot with books but lack certain abilities which are not mentioned in books but play an important role for that particular job. It is much of a personality test and abilities carried out by an individual to cater to that particular job and assessment of that matters too.

For instance, one may have good knowledge of his subjects and know a lot about historical, geographical and political aspects of country but lacks qualities such as team-work, honesty, leadership, courtesy, patience etc. which are more essential for one to be a leading officer.

On the other hand, one may have average knowledge of all the above subjects but is honest, courteous, patient and possesses leadership qualities is more suitable for appointment. In these cases, the role of interview plays a major role in determining the correct and essential abilities of an individual. The knowledge from books can be inculcated in longer run of life and can be achieved in few days but qualities of leadership which make him productive take time to develop in one’s personality.

If one goes and stops this interview system it will always lead people who have read huge number of books but don’t have practical knowledge associated with it to take the job. This whole system of interview also determines the spontaneity and clear depth of knowledge and psycological factors of an individual’s personality. Hence, it leads to more productive results in one’s personality.

People often believe that they need to pay bribes to get through interviews and this whole system is corrupt but they fail to look at the broader aspects associated with it. The candidates polish themselves beyond the knowledge of books and try to be more quick in answers and know the art of conversation. We accept that there are certain cases of corruption in the past but the utilitarian aspects associated with it are much more and there should be more transparency by government in this interview system. The board members should be eminent scholars and persons of proven integrity.

Since, this system leads to more growth and productivity of an individual it should not be done away with.

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