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How to let your personality shine at an interview

An interview can be a nerve-racking event for anyone as it demands perfection and virtually leaves no room for error. Within the first 5 minutes of the interview, the interviewer has formed an opinion about you and your suitability for the job. As a result, most of the interviewees stiffen up and get extremely nervous before and during an interview.

However, an important thing for you to remember is that an interview is a conversation and doesn’t necessarily be stressful. It’s good to act professionally but it is also imperative to show your personality to the interviewer. Besides knowing whether you are qualified for the job or not, the employer also wants to know if you would be a good fit for the organization. Below are a few tips that will help you stand out at an interview and let your personality shine:

  1. Prepare well and remain calm – Easier said than done? Absolutely not! Practice answering the routine questions well in advance. The internet is a great source of relevant questions and answers for various job positions. Set-up mock interviews with the help of friends or family and you will have maximum answers ready when the time comes. Also, practice some relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation to remain calm and collected before appearing for the interview.
  2. Smile confidently and greet with a hand-shake – First impression is certainly the last impression! Enter the room with a genuine smile, stand tall and greet everyone with a warm handshake. A great smile is the best ice-breaker and sets up the stage for an informal conversation.
  3. Dress appropriately – though dressing up for an interview is entirely a matter of personal choice, it’s best to dress up according to the company’s dress code. It is certainly a good idea to throw in a quirky or classy element like tie or scarf as an expression of your style and personality.
  4. Be yourself and express your sense of humor- Acting professional and speaking about your qualifications is okay, but hey! That’s exactly what everyone else does. Give the employer a hint of the real you, laugh a little, express your desire to be a part of the company. Tell personal stories that offer an insight into who you are as a person.
  5. Mind your body language – everyone is nervous when they come for an interview but you need to stay in control of your body language. Keep a check on your nervous habits like biting nails or tapping your foot. Maintain eye-contact and a good posture to express confidence and approachability.

Hope the above tips will help you overcome your fear of facing an interview and let your personality shine.

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