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Ms. Meghna Vyas, attained 3rd Rank in her 3rd attempt in Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination, 2015

“Justice is the constant and perpetual wish

to render to everyone his due”


Ms. Meghna Vyas who attained 3rd Rank in her 3rd attempt in Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination, 2015; in an important, exclusive, thought-provoking and highly inspiring interview; attributes diligent combination of hard work and her vision of future as a judge to the secrets of his success. Extracts of the interview:


On exact moment of realizing importance of ‘Judicial Services’:

It was after my graduation when I had changed my track from computers to law ,that was the moment when my inner voice said that this was the field where I would like to see myself ten years down the lane. This became my vision before joining Law College.

On the point of time of finally making up mind to make career in ‘Judicial Services’:

In my last year of law at ILS Law College Pune I decided not to go for placements, as I had already chosen Judicial Services as my career.

On having read toppers interviews in newspapers and magazines, one that inspired the most; and particular success story which influenced her journey to this result:

Yes. I am a regular reader of Pratiyogita Darpan since my school days. I used to read interview of toppers in IAS as well as Judicial Services. Every topper had struggling period, and I have learnt that constant effort leads you to success. I made this as my principle. This was peculiar aspect of every topper. More particularly, Miss Monika Saroha (2008 DJS Topper) interview inspired me the most.

On Judicial Services being a planned decision or parents’ wish and time-frame for the examination preparations & number of attempts:

Judicial Services was a planned decision. It was my desire and my parents’ dream and, when it is a family dream, path becomes smooth. No, I did not bind myself in any time frame, although I tried my level best to clear in first attempt, but thereafter I was determined to crack this exam no matter how many attempts it may take.

On the first step being the most difficult to prepare, choice of optional, other such questions coming to mind on really getting serious about ‘Judicial Services Examination’ and getting the right advice:  

Beginning of anything new is very crucial. When I was working as Legal Research assistant, I had consulted my friends about joining coaching institute. After joining JKILS coaching at Jaipur I began with my preparations seriously. Also my experience while working really helped me in understanding concepts practically which has enhanced my preparation.

On confidence of success in this examination and reaction to this news of success:

I was confident this time of securing a rank, but by God’s grace got a single digit rank. When I saw my result I couldn’t believe that I was amongst top three. I thank God for His shower of blessings.

On the number of attempts in achieving success and visualizing previous attempts:

This was my second attempt. My previous attempt was great learning experience .I had left my job after my first attempt and dedicated myself for exam. It made me mentally tough and to accept the fact that an arrow is always stretched back before targeting it.

On preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for ultimate goal i.e. Career in ‘Judicial Services’:

No. I had only one aim with focused preparation I moved ahead although I gave exams for other state Judicial Services as well.

On Motivation towards ‘Judicial Services’ despite other lucrative opportunities in changing economic environment:

My work experience taught me that it is the service which affects society as a whole, it gave me insight of working with this system. I learnt that money could be earned in many ways, but serving the marginalized by using legal knowledge will give me satisfaction which is above all monetary interests.

On approach towards General Studies and optional subjects during Preliminary Examination preparation and division of time and effort for each:

In prelims there is Hindi and English language section which is of 30% weightage and 70% is law. I gave equal attention to both.

Beside this also for law portion I solved previous years’ question papers of every state, thoroughly went through bare acts, and cleared my concepts after consulting text books. …For …prelims as well as mains one year dedicated preparation is a must. I have given 10 to 12 hours a day.


Name: Meghna Vyas

Father’s Name: Mr. Arun Kumar Vyas

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Madhu Vyas.

Date of Birth: January 1, 1987.

Educational Qualifications:

10th: Sophia Secondary School, Bhilwara (79·20%)

12th: M.G.D. Girls’ Public School, Jaipur (67%)

B.CA: Banasthali Vidyapith (73·31%).

L-LB.: ILS Law College, Pune 61%.


On ‘Time Management’ being a key factor in preparations, facing problems during preparations and managing things:

Yes, time management is the main factor of this exam. I worked hard towards increasing my writing speed while maintaining the time, by practicing test papers myself. Every day I maintained a register and tried to increase speed. While in mains I did not leave any question, gave a glance to all questions and maintained speed by keeping a watch on time left. My habit of learning by writing helped me in managing time during mains.

On adopting a shift in strategy for Main Examination (Written):

For mains, I read more exhaustively bare acts as well as books. I solved previous years’ papers of not only Rajasthan, but almost all states. I had joined test series to have grip on type of questions asked and preparing answers for them. Recent case laws separately prepared for various topics in addition to illustrations to elaborate answers.

On special effort for effective preparation for ESSAY Paper & on pick up of topics:

No, not much is required for essay, as I am a regular reader of newspaper editorial and my keen interest in debates, essay writing elocution competition helped me in this….. I had written on India of my dreams as this was the topic where I could actually visualize and express it in my own way. In Hindi essay I chose one on Tourism in Rajasthan and forests.

Personal Qualities

Favourite Person:  My Father

Strong Point: Hard work, determination and strong belief.

Weak Point: At times I get conscious over irrelevant things also.

Hobbies: Listening to music, ghazals and folk, gardening adventurous sports.


On the list some of the Magazines, Newspapers, Books etc. read for ‘General Studies’ preparation:       

  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Alive
  • Rajasthan Patrika
  • Times of India
  • Lawyers update
  • Watched debates at Lok Sabha Channel and Ndtv.

On preparations for Interview, the Board & facing it; and questions asked during the Interview:

Interview does not require separate preparation. But actually what is required is that candidate brushes up all basic legal concepts thoroughly. As I had background in Human Rights, questions were expected from the same. I roughly prepared in my mind answers to standard questions asked.

I had faced interview before board headed by Hon’ble Justice Rastogi. My interview lasted for 25 minutes. The Board was very cordial and they asked me general and legal questions. Moving in to law they asked me questions regarding:

  • Delhi Government’s new odd even vehicle rule.
  • MLAs’ and MP’s salary hike.
  • Questions about human rights, humanitarian law, my dissertation.
  • How to handle corruption.
  • They asked me about expected difficulties I might face and how I intend to cope with it.
  • Doctrine of pith and substance, doctrine of transfer of malice, questions relating to my work experience.


On Educational Level to start & minimum time-frame for preparation for Judicial Services:

One should start preparing for Judicial Services in last year of law. As by this time you are already taught procedural as well as substantial laws. But actual preparation starts when person passes out from college and devotes his time by utilizing every minute counting it as precious. As competition is tough, but with hard work goal can be pursued.

On the importance of medium of examination for exams like JSE:  

Medium does not really matter, if you understand the concepts, express them in your own language during exam and nowadays even bare acts are available in diglot, so for Hindi medium candidates also it is helpful.

On impact of educational, financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant on preparation:

It definitely plays a specific role, but only to a certain extent beyond that it is person’s will to face obstacles which paves his way. If he is determined and puts his efforts in right direction then these factors do not matter.

On role the Competition Magazines play in preparing for an examination like ‘Judicial Services’:

Competition magazines were like my friends, from whom I got motivation every time when I felt low, while I was preparing for this exam. They are crucial as they cover current affairs for a month with brevity which is not otherwise possible.

On her opinion on a recent report published by reputed survey agency that ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ is the largest read Career and Competition magazine:

Pratiyogita Darpan is perfect as it covers almost everything which is required for Civil as well as Judicial Services exams. The only thing which is required is a special column for Judicial Services aspirants covering recent cases. Pratiyogita Darpan has helped me a lot at every stage of exam and has helped in maintaining a positive energy every month when I used to start this magazine with a note by editor. No comparison at all.

On the Secret of Success:

Hard work and determination is a deadly combination and when a person is focused then no matter what are circumstances he always gets what he wants. I although planned my castle in air, but took efforts to build my ship to take me there.

On giving Credit for success:

I give the credit of my success to my parents, the members of my family and my friends.

On suggestions/advice to future aspirants:

Start your single minded preparation after completing your law.

Remember this that winds are always against the ablest navigator. And winners are the ones who never quit. Doesn’t matter if one could not achieve success in one attempt, person must not be depressed, rather have courage to start over all again, hard work never goes in vain. Constant effort is required.

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