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My Greatest Achievement in Life

Last year in 2016 I was preparing for IAS exams and I set a single minded goal before myself to get through this prestigious exam. It was definitely a challenging task and being under pressure was but natural for me. I worked on a meticulous strategy in term of time management and collecting the best sources for studies. While preparing for this coveted exam I was working as  marketing executive in a private company and had always been keen to progress at fast pace  in my company from the outset.I had joined the company in the year 2012 and within short period of two years I proved my talents and abilities by giving extraordinarily good performance. As a marketing executive I discovered profitable new markets and made full efforts to spread brand awareness for which I was duly rewarded by the company and consequently I was promoted to the position of Marketing Manager in 2014.However, with so many achievements going to my credit, I was fixated on being part of the highest administrative service of the country.


My entire preparation was based on multi-pronged strategy of self-study. I decided to study and prepare at home and mainly focused on writing practice by taking tests and personal feedback.I practiced on writing skills because without developing the writing skill to the fullest extent one cannot imagine clearing mains exams.

I had prepared for IAS 2017 religiously for exactly one year (August2016-November 2017). It is usually said that an aspirant can prepare well for IAS in 5-6 months. In my opinion, the time required for you to prepare for any entrance examination depends on the knowledge with which you start – your origin on your preparation graph.

I scored handsomely in interview. I responded to 90% of the questions in interview very satisfactorily. Most of the question asked pertained to Goods and Services Tax. I maturely faced the interview and I was satisfied with the way I performed in the interview room. In the hindsight, tackling the phase of interview with confidence during my journey was my biggest achievement. In March-April 2017 IAS 2017 results were declared and by the cosmic grace I was the winner who was selected as an administrative officer.

My Scores in CSE-2017 was as follows-

  • Essay-75
  • General Studies – 1 79
  • General Studies – 2 65
  • General Studies – 3 62
  • General Studies – 4 81
  • Optional Paper – 1 (Sociology)- 146
  • Optional Paper – 2 (Sociology)- 134
  • Personality Test/interview- 155

The grand moment occurred when in 2017,I cleared IAS exam achieving high rank among the toppers. My rank stood at 33 in the overall ranking. I feelit  is the biggest achievement but two year back I tasted failure in CAT exam so the success in this coveted exam was refreshing and confidence –booster.

I am extremely glad to bag the high rank as this was the kind of success I have always yearned for. As an administrative officer I have now new duties/responsibilities on my shoulders towards the people and my country, the feeling of which pleases me a lot. I hope I can bring my valuable knowledge that I have assiduously learnt to this role, and become an aid in the progress of nation and society at large.

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