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Benefits of Social Media for Students

Though it has been blamed that social media platforms have become distracting tools for students, as they are not able to pay full attention and do justice to their studies, once they get addicted to these technology platforms. Instead of becoming repository of information they get through school education, they are more occupied with superfluous knowledge offered by social media. However, on close observation it is revealed that this perception about social media is erroneous and misplaced.

Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram and others are interactive tools which give us including students’ wonderful opportunities to interact with one another. Look at the system of remote digital classroom system which helps the educational institutes to impart education to the students through digital mediums from remote locations.

  • The presence of youngsters and students on the internet through social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram is ubiquitous.
  • The unique aspect of social media interaction is that people are engaged in web not in person but the experience seems to be real and actual, as if it is taking place in person.
  • They not only make feel their presence on the digital forums by posting videos, comments, posts and pictures but also influence the trends and more often, as the recent experiences show trigger trends on fashion, cinema, education, technology, literature and what not.
  • Through the social media, the students including those in graduation and the post-graduation are learning those things which they normally cannot learn through books and home-assignments.
  • The new emerging communication technology is giving them extra confidence to adapt to new technologies which proves very important once they join a company as professional after completing their graduation/post-graduation.

Students are crazy in their interaction with the outside world through the digital platforms. Nonetheless it is not source of fun and enjoyment as the growing challenges in life are making them sensible enough to utilize these virtual knowledge platforms for enhancing prospects in term of education careers, jobs and business, thanks to their interaction and engagement with people across the globe. The awareness that is being generated through the information coming in through the internet is helping them grow as experts in comprehension of complex problems related to life and society and also offering them solution to the same.

The trend and craze of sharing videos, posts, comments and pictures have assumed the role of wonderful trainer for giving skill to the unskilled. Moreover, so many educational and knowledgeable things are free on the internet. You just need an internet connection and on the click of mouse, the treasure of knowledge presents itself on desktop. The existence of social media platforms makes this inflow and exchange of information private and confidential in accordance with taste and requirement of persons.

The last but not the least is the emergence of social media marketing through these platforms. The businessmen, professionals and marketing strategists know no bound of their happiness after they have realized how a particular product of any type can be advertised and popularized through internet, motivating a vast audience present on the social media platforms to buy the product. This utility called social media marketing is triggering the generation of jobs and employment as the trained workforce is the first need to market products and services through social media platforms. Thus, technology is the new force to sustain the world and its people.

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