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How to Improve Your Logical Reasoning Skills

Any student, who aspires to ace any prestigious competitive exam like IAS, Banking, MBA, or any other, always needs to prep up the logical reasoning skills. The logical reasoning questions and answers form a very important part of any exam as they are a parameter of your decision taking ability. The more logical you are the more effective leader you will be.

So, in order to crack any of these exams and improve your decision making ability, you must work on your logical Reasoning skills. Here are a few tips to help you improve.

  1. Learn to differentiate between Observation and Inferences – It’s important to learn to differentiate between observations and inferences in order to improve your logical reasoning skills. Observation is when you use your senses to collect the required data or information. The optimum use of your senses like hearing, seeing, smelling or touching helps you make a perfect observation. And the conclusion you draw from that observation is inference. Observation is fact-based while, inference is your opinion based on that observation.
  2. Types of Statements – Conditional, Converse, inverse, Contra positive. Another way to enhance your logical reasoning is to decipher the differences between various types of statements. Conditional statements comprise of ‘if then’ analysis. In a conditional statement, if a premise is true, the conclusion is also true. When the premise and the conclusion get reversed, the statement is known as converse. The inverse statement nullifies the original premise and the conclusion. To form the contrapositive of the conditional statement, interchange the premise and the conclusion of the inverse statement
  3. Pattern Recognition – Pattern recognition skills come in handy to improve your logical reasoning skills. When in a messy situation, this exercise helps you to identify ‘a tern or n order’ in the chaos. This is very useful in strengthening your IQ and mental abilities.
  4. Develop Algorithms and Step-by step Process – Algorithms are nothing but the step-by step process for solving problems. They can improve your logical thinking by giving a clear picture of various conditions and reaching conclusions based on those conditions. Even in computer programming, they help in defining a sequence of operations and reaching the conclusion.

The competitive exams are the ultimate test of your logical reasoning skills. The above tips can help you enhance your skills and help you in qualifying these exams to follow the career of your dreams. There are many English magazines for students that are very helpful in taking your logical skills to a higher level. They even help you at the personal front by taking smarter and practical decisions.

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