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Nightmares During UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparations

Country’s most coveted job! Lacs of aspirants every year! Limited attempts! Toil day and Night! These reasons are enough for you to have nightmares of not getting through the UPSC Civil Services exams. However, insecurities do not win games for us. Strong will and efforts in the right direction do. Whenever you have a nightmare, put your dream in perspective. The nightmare will appear much smaller.

9.45 Lac candidates had applied for the exam in 2015, out of which about 4.65 Lac candidates actually took the preliminary exam. In other words, only 49% candidates braved the preparation till the last. Others flickered out.

There are several myths around preparations for UPSC exams. Being in the preparatory education area, it is Upkar’s responsibility to make the young minds free of these restraints.  A common distraction is that one has to study 17-18 hour a day for this exam, and still many fail to get through. At the same time, many prospective candidates get through with putting in only 7-8 hours a day. Hence, quality of study and right approach is more important than quantity. Concentration while studying is rather more important.

Another good way to beat nightmares is to plan your time in such a manner so as to not get time for nightmares. It might sound superficial but it works. Have a dedicated time table and allot time for reading books, reading newspapers, magazines on current affairs, solving previous years’ papers, and other activities everyday.

One has to understand what parameters you are being checked on – your thoughts, awareness, dedication, administrative traits and hard work. Build up these qualities and work on them. Dedication, passion and loyalty towards efforts are the key factors one needs to prepare with. Indiscipline and negative thinking are big deterrents.

To sum up, though not to be taken for granted surely, but UPSC exams are much less than the helluva nightmarish exercise it is made out to be. Yes, it requires smart efforts, for sure.Upkar group of publications wishes you the best.

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