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Shri Ashutosh Tiwari attained 9th Rank in his 1st attempt in Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Examination, 2015

“Failure is a part of the process of success”


Shri Ashutosh Tiwari who attained 9th Rank in his 1st attempt in Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Examination, 2015; in an important, exclusive, thought-provoking and highly inspiring interview; attributes smart approach associated with hard work, strong will-power to the secrets of his success. Extracts of the interview to:


On ‘Success is sweet’ confident of your success with top ranks and reaction to this news:

Before result of any such competitive exam is out, one can’t be confident about his success to that extent, and I had never been the exception. Since I had already cleared Uttarakhand Judicial Service Exam., 2013, with rank 1, therefore staying sanguine over my preparation was the least to be felt by me.

On opinion about “Judicial Service Toppers” being icons, their media coverage:   

To my imagination, before my Uttarakhand results, toppers were like idiosyncratic and devout demi Gods for me. After my result with top slot in Uttarakhand I realized that toppers are just runner of the mill. It is his/her smart hard work with never dying spirit to hit the ground running. I was highly inspired by my topper friends and seniors like Ambika pant, Pradeep Mani Tripathi.

On realising importance of Judicial Services:

Sovereignty over the dais, non interference of political class in judicial functioning, and the power to uphold rule of law are some august attributes of a judicial office. All this evoked admiration to my mind towards judiciary and made me dream for becoming a judge.

On the point of time of making up mind to make career in ‘Judicial Services’:

It was during my graduation at Allahabad University that I realized that judicial service is best suited to my personality.

On Judicial Services being a planned decision or parents’ wish: 

I had incessant longing for JSE but without my parents’ blessings I couldn’t have made it a reality.

On ‘Time Management’ being a key factor in preparations, facing problems during preparations and managing things: 

For this exam I was placed at high noon as I had to manage my studies for UPJSE along with my extensive engagement. Despite that I couldn’t cover GS portion up to my expectations due to paucity of time for mains. I practiced answer writing for mains in time bound manner. All this helped me a lot.

On the number of attempts, achieving desired success in the attempt and visualizing previous attempts:

For UP Judicial Services exam it was my first attempt.

My first un-successful attempt happened to be Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services Exam., 2013. My conscientious decision to appear in Uttarakhand Judicial Services Mains Exam 2013 and skipping at the same time Rajasthan mains exam proved to be right one, wherein I got selected.

Name: Ashutosh Tiwari

Father’s Name: Ram Raj Tiwari

Mother’s Name: Pratima Tiwari

Date of Birth: January 10, 1989

Educational Qualifications:

10th: 2004, UP Board, K.P. College, Pratapgarh, (61·33%)

12th: 2006, UP Board, K.P. College, Pratapgarh (67·40%)

B.A.: 2009, University of Allahabad Main Campus (61·33%)

LL.B.: 2013, University of Delhi Campus Law Centre (62·40%)

LL.M.: 2016, University of Delhi Main Campus (61·00%)


On the first step being the most difficult to prepare and getting the right advice: 

For that one has to essentially analyse previous years’ papers to trace the core, sub core and peripheral areas of the particular subject in terms of their importance in exam. Once this is done one can easily measure his required furlong for the successful race. Apart from this I was immensely benefited by guidance of Rahul sir and Prof. R.C. Srivastava sir at Rahu’s IAS.

On adopting a shift in strategy for Main Examination (Written):

My preparation for the mains exam started from the very day when I made up my mind for appearing in prelims exam. After my pre results I was left only with GS, Essay, and Local Law preparation and all other papers I had already covered during my prelims preparation.

Personal Qualities
Favourite Person: My parents

Strong Point: Strong will power, hardworking and spiritual life.

Weak Point: I tend to get impatient at times and I am extremely emotional.

Hobbies: Article writing, photography and cooking.

On special effort for effective preparation for Essay Paper & on pick up of topics:

For essay firstly I enlisted probable essay topics with the help of my friends, and then I consulted a few quality magazines like EPW, Pratiyogita Darpan, Frontline, and editorials of The Hindu news paper. I laid greater focus over quality opinion. I selected ‘Global Warming and Its Causes’ for essay writing.


On preparations for Interview: 

During mock tests, my judge batch mates polished my strength to make it more manifest on my face and also taught me as to how to hide flaws inherent in me. I was confronted with the board of Major Sanjay Yadav. It lasted till 20 minutes and the questions were, as to why I wanted to quit Uttarakhand despite being a topper there that too with such an early age, jurisprudential definition of right, working of Panchayati Raj system, procedure for recording a confession by Magistrate etc.

On preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for ultimate goal i.e. Career in ‘Judicial Services’:

Hitherto Judicial Services had been my immediate goal

On Educational Level to start & minimum time-frame for preparation for Judicial Services:

For fleet-footed success one should start with LL.B. itself.

On importance of medium of examination for exams like JSE:

This time I have a different opinion on this point. As far as success in competitive exams like this is concerned I believe now language is no more a barrier. Hindi medium scholars have belied all folk tales despite their being unavailability of quality study materials or coaching in Hindi medium.

On impact of educational, financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant on preparation:

Yes, it certainly matters as such aspirant cannot afford expensive study materials and coaching. To these people my only message is that the greater the size of snag, the greater would be the glory in overcoming it.

On finding “Pratiyogita Darpan” close to expectations;

My coupling with Pratiyogita Darpan relates back to my schooling days. I found, except PD, no other magazine to serve my purposes. Be it Allahabad or Delhi University entrance exam or judicial services exams of several states, I have always been heavily relying on PD and it always received my credence.

On comments on “Pratiyogita Darpan” Extra Issues Series on ‘General Studies’ particularly ‘Indian Economy’ and a few Optional Subjects:

These issues are outstanding experiments of your publications. For UPJSE I found Indian Economy issue to be the most reliable.

On the Secret of Success:

Temporary sacrifices of comfort life, hard work with smart approach, spiritual life style, blessings of my parents and elders, support of my friends and favourable fitness are the secrets of my success.

On giving Credit for success:

To the Almighty God and my parents

On suggestions/advice to future aspirants:

Dear friends don’t look back. Never allow the failures to be treated as undertaker by you. Failure is part of the process of success. Success is inevitable provided you maintain the conviction, perseverance, and faith in yourself. Remember that the phoenix must burn before it emerges. Rise like phoenix.

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