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What helps you to be creative?

A man is creative by birth and the first step towards being creative is to realize this truth. A man is what he thinks. Ideas play a very significant role in shaping and guiding us to what we ultimately become. There are two kinds of ides that we harbour in our minds and hearts: the deep ideas and superficial/general ideas. Deep ideas are what always surround us. If we want to ignore or avoid, they don’t stop haunting us. They are called so because they have deep effect on our personality, thought process, behaviour and conduct. Ideas definitely reveal themselves in what we do or how we behave.

Creativity originates from simplicity immersed in high imagination with deep thinking. Whenever we approach a piece of work to finish, ideas have deep and perennial impact on that and the result is amazing. Because, if without deeply getting engrossed in something we want to finish, a memorable piece of creativity or art cannot be produced.

There is old saying ‘the deeper the water the calmer the surface’. Simplicity more often defines the depth of soul. Take any great personality of our recent history in India. The great painter MF Hussain: an epitome of simplicity in gait, expression and in style. APJ Abdul Kalam, the father of India’s missile programme, was a simplicity personified. On the top of all, Mahatma Gandhi fought against the British rule to the extent of forcing them leave the country and won freedom for us. All this was done by Gandhi ji not on the strength of weapons but through the ideas such as Ahimsa, Satyagraha, non –cooperation and civil disobedience which he creatively imagined and used them as weapons against the mighty empire. It was the constructive approach and demonstration of creativity at its best.

Passions provide fuel to ignite the creative minds. Unless one feels passionate on accomplishing the task, he cannot devote to the set goal in a wholehearted manner. Which is why, the terms like emotional quotient and emotional intelligence are replacing the traditional concept of intelligence quotient in the world of education and career. It has been researched and discovered that it is the inspiration from the bottom of the heart that set the mind of a pursuer ablaze. As a result, the great beautiful objects of painting, writings, singing or acting are created. If inspiration is the trigger for creative minds passion is its fuel. Both are necessary for an artistic creation to bloom and flourish.

In our times, complex problem are being solved on the strength of creative ideas. If we do not learn to think creatively, the problems that the countries and the people of the world are surrounded by will continue to stare at us. To awaken the creative beings in us, fear of criticism and failure must be taken out of our hearts. Being fearless about failures in life is the first stepping stone towards the birth of the artist and the genius in us.

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