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What We Learn from Parents

Home is the first school of child and the parents are his first teachers. The manner and social etiquettes are best learnt from parents. The humane and compassionate values, the way we behave with our relatives, cousins, neighbours and all those who come in touch with us outside the walls of our homes, are something that we learn from our parents. The parents are well aware of the fact that the formative years of a child are very important. The personality of a child or a person is reflected and projected before the society for whole life, what has been taught to him in his early formative years. The impressions that are imprinted on the innocent minds during childhood are hard to be erased and they are reflected later on in speech, actions and deeds of a person, when he interacts and engages with the outside world at school, college, university or at his work place.

A child is liable to commit mistakes and it is the duty of his/her parents to guide him to the path of righteousness and truth. Parents are like practical books of learning for their children.


When we see our parents working hard for us, whether it is earning money or getting good education for us, we come to understand how hard work is required to grow in life. It is only by dint of hard work that we learn the importance of self-reliance. Once we understand the value of hard work we are encouraged to accomplish great achievements and become successful. The hard working persons naturally become compassionate, self-respecting and honest because they experience life in realistic terms.

Our parents teach us to dream and hope by promoting us to embrace challenges. These dreams become a big source of inspiration for us to wage a battle against the odds and hardships that come in our way. Their comforting words fill us with confidence and keep on reassuring us on their sustained support in the battle of life. Their reposing trust in us works as a driving force which motivates us to achieve something great.  Positive thinking parents never discourage their wards. They teach them to overcome the weaknesses and develop their positive qualities with perseverance to the extent that the negative aspects are pushed into oblivion under the force and effects of positive personality aspects.

History is replete with instances of positives eclipsing the negatives of a personality. We should remember that there were hidden hands behind the development of Beethoven into great musician, despite being deaf, Einstein becoming great mathematician and physicist despite being afflicted with dyslexia and Surdas who got blindness in his early childhood was a great devotee – poet of Lord Krishna. We cannot undermine the role of parental inspiration behind these giants of arts, knowledge and literature which inspired them to think and dream big.

We are deeply indebted to our parents from whom we have imbibed values of courage, love, humanity, social sympathies, truth, integrity and honesty.

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