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Catching Them Young – Children & Sport

Everyone in this world is blessed with some talent, it just needs to be identified and nurtured in the best possible way. Childhood is the best phase to start fostering our talent. Remember the phrase ‘practice makes a man perfect’? Well, this practice should start right from the childhood. If Sachin Tendulkar-the ‘god of cricket’ hadn’t started practicing cricketing from an early age then do you think that he would have achieved this feat? Possibly not!

Just as a plant needs time to mature, similarly our talent needs time to develop. We go to school at a tender age because education is a continuous process and should go along our growing ages. In the same manner, sports and their practice should begin at a young age in order to build up the skills appropriately.

‘Catching them young’ is a popular phrase which refers to making the kids aware of the outer world and other aspects. In this context, it refers to identifying the talents of the kids and making them practice regularly to develop their skills. If a child is having remarkable skills in playing football, then he should start practicing the football at that stage itself so that he can evolve as the next ‘Beckham’.

The sports practice should start right from the basics just as we begin with ‘A’ when we start receiving education in the school. Schools and Sports Academies play a vital role in this sphere. The schools should engross the children in co-curricular activities along with the studies. Children’s involvement in various games will help them as well the teachers to find out the sphere in which they possess remarkable talent. So the next step will be to sharpen it through regular practice.

The schools should develop proper infrastructure for sports practices, whereby students get an ambiance, where they can fully sharpen their skills. There should be provision for all the sports’ equipment and proficient sports professionals so that there is not even a single flaw with the training process. Apart from schools, a plethora of sports academies have been established in the cities. The role of sports academy is vital as the kids get a chance to exclusively practice their favorite sport and it also paves way for a career in the sports sector.

Parents should also actively get involved with their kids and motivate them, if their kids really have it in them to shine as the next sports star. The parents should enroll their students in sports academies and support them in every manner so that they can be directed to the right career path, the one which perfectly matches with their caliber.

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