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Cracking an Interview – Do’s and Don’ts (Competitive exams and job interview cracking)

The interview is a word that gives goose bumps to a legion of people, as soon as they hear about it. But there is nothing as such to fear from it. If you are confident and have prepared thoroughly then you don’t need to worry about it at all. Still if the anxiety and sleepless nights haunt you before your interview, then here are few tips that will help you to give your best and to hold onto your nerves.

Prior to interview

  • You should know everything about the job for which you’ll be giving the interview. Understand the type of job and responsibilities pertaining to it.
  • Do a proper research about the company that you’ve applied for. Read about the company and find information about its history, financial status, goals, mission, vision and its directors
  • Practice introducing you efficaciously in front of others as that will leave an imposing first impression on the interviewers. Proper preparation will keep you confident, so you’ll not be anxious on the main day

On the day of interview

  • Be very particular about the dress you wear as that makes you look professional. Wear formal dress preferably a black pant with a white Shoes should also be formal and well polished. You should be dressed soberly and your dress should not distract the interviewers. Avoid wearing too much jewelry and shabby hair.
  • Carry all the requisite documents both original and photocopies for the interview. Make sure that you have a proper folder in which the documents are kept neatly.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before the time of the interview. Punctuality yields extra marks
  • Switch off the mobile phone and display positive and professional attitude
  • Ensure that you have a professional body language. Don’t let the consciousness and nervousness to be evident on your face
  • Take permission to enter the room and greet the interviewers with a smile on your face. Never show dull facial expressions
  • Wait for the interviewers to tell you to sit down else gently take their permission to sit. Post that, say thank you

During the Interview

  • Make an eye-contact with the interviewer as this exhibits your confidence. Always have a smile on your face while giving the answers
  • Don’t act over smart. Answer only when you are sure that you are right, else you can gently admit that you don’t know the answer. Honesty has its own rewards
  • Respect the interviewers and never enter into an argument with them as they are more experienced than you.

So these were vital tips that will surely guarantee success if you embrace them properly. Have a wonderful interview!

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