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Electric Vehicle Nation by 2030

Yeah! You heard it right- India is planning to become an electric vehicle nation and that too within a decade. As per the latest speculations, the nation is aiming to achieve this feat by 2030.

Is it real or just a delusion? Well, that can be decided only when 2030 will arise when we can actually analyze the success rate of this project. However, as of now, we can simply look into the possibilities and steps that the government has taken to ensure that the vision is achieved.

So let’s have a look at the recent activities and announcements made by the government in the past few years.

It all started in the month of March on 2016. Mr. Piyush Goyal, Minister of state for power and renewable energy announced his vision of electric vehicle nation.  He even told about a scheme under which there could be an offer of zero down payment facility to the citizens to buy electric vehicles. Such steps would encourage the indigenous populace to buy these electric cars. Post this announcement, several other steps have been taken by the government.

Last year in the month of January, the Indian government announced that it will bear up 60% of the cost spent on the Research and Development carried out for developing technologies for low-cost electric vehicles. Furthermore, the government is proactive in achieving the target and is releasing funds for the same.

There is another mission termed as National Electric Mobility Mission Plan which aims at producing and selling seven million electric and hybrid vehicles by 2020 and we can witness around us that this moment is already catching speed. Have you seen those three-wheelers that are the talk of the town nowadays? Do they run on petrol or by electricity? Well, if you were watchful enough to notice those then you might have found that they are electric vehicles. So, this movement has already started and in the coming years it will surely accelerate. As citizens of this country, we need to welcome this brave and sustainable move with open arms.

Why electric vehicles?

There are several reasons that give electric vehicles an edge over other vehicles. These are as follows:

  • Electric cars do not consume petrol or diesel
  • It will reduce India’s dependence on petrol and diesel which in turn will cut down the costs spent on imports
  • It does not pose threats to the environment so the dream of cleaner India will also become viable
  • It will reduce pollution by 80-90%

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