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Ms. Aakriti Verma, attained 5th Rank in her 2nd attempt in Haryana Judicial Services Examination, 2014

“Justice is truth in action.”

Ms. Aakriti Verma, who attained 5th Rank in her 2nd attempt in Haryana Judicial Services Examination, 2014; in an important, exclusive, thought-provoking and highly inspiring interview; attributes Self motivation, hard work, excellent guidance and her vision of future as a Judge to the secrets of her success. Extracts of the interview:

On exact moment of realising importance of ‘Judicial Services’:

I have always felt inclination towards judiciary, but the real importance of judicial services came to cynosure when I joined Ambition Law Institute.

On the point of time of making up mind to make career in ‘Judicial Services’:

My conscience was shaken after witnessing wrong happenings in the society and I realised that in the end it is the duty of the judge to rectify and cure the situations.

On ‘Judicial Services’ being a planned decision or parents’ wish: 

It was a planned decision, although there were many ups and downs and to overcome them one factor kept me on the right track i.e., fulfilling my parents’ wish.

I knew for sure that it won’t be a smooth affair so I had allowed myself a span of two to three years.

On the first step in really becoming serious about making a career in ‘Judicial Services’:

The first step was joining Ambition Law Institute. Under Alok Sir’s guidance, one is not just prepared to crack these exams but one also understands the fine nuances of law effortlessly. The guidance of able and experienced guru makes the job easier.

On confidence of success in this examination and reaction to this news of success:

After the exam, I was very hopeful that there is a good chance of getting through, but achieving 5th rank was unexpected. My reaction was very overwhelming and brought back memories of my three years of hard work right before my eyes. I was thankful to God that finally my hardwork has paid off beautifully. I am thoroughly enjoying this feat by reaching out to all those teachers, family and friends who stood by my side motivating me all throughout.

On the number of attempts, achieving success in the attempt and visualizing previous attempts?

In Haryana Judicial Service this was my second attempt. I have also appeared in judicial examinations of other states. My preparations initially were haywire, but because of guidance provided at Ambition Law Institute, it got channelized and helped me immensely. I was very determined in taking preliminary examinations of various states as the amount of exposure to a variety of unique questions attempted in a serious environment makes a difference. And right after the examination got over I would start looking for solutions to those questions as it was then that all my mistakes got etched in my memory and thereby I would never repeat the same mistakes.

On preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for ultimate goal i.e. Career in ‘Judicial Services’:

I was always focussed and inclined towards judiciary as the job of a Judicial Officer is very solemn and satisfying. But I was also open to other options. As indeed I topped in the recruitment examination of DMRC Ltd. for the single post of Legal Assistant where I am presently working.

On Motivation towards ‘Judicial Services’ despite other lucrative opportunities in changing economic environment:

Passion, Zeal, and Strong Determination kept me on my track. I was never driven by economic factors.

On ‘Time Management’ being a key factor in preparations, facing problems during preparations and managing things:

Time management is a must. It is important to make time schedules but more important is to make a flexible and feasible one. Don’t be very harsh on yourself. I failed in my first attempt in Haryana Judicial Service because I could not manage time efficiently and could not complete the entire paper.

Writing Practice matters eventhough initially like every aspirant I dismissed this view. But for Haryana Judicial Service I wrote a lot of previous years’ questions and I realised the need in me. I understood that I am slow at completing papers, but gradually I was able to fit it in time. The key factor is to write full answer in minimum words. Brevity alongwith quality is the soul of answer writing.

On the list some of the Magazines, Newspapers, Books etc. read for ‘General Studies’ preparation:       

Pratiyogita Darpan half yearly Volumes are very handy and accurate, the Hindu newspaper.

Name: Aakriti Verma

Father’s Name: Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Asha Verma

Date of Birth: May 9, 1989.

Educational Qualifications:

10th: 2005, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi (83·2%)

12th: 2007, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi (86·4%)

LLB.: 2007-2012, Amity Law School, I.P. University, New Delhi (67·04%).


On preparations for Interview: 

There is no special preparation for interview. Just brush up your personal details whatever you had filled in the application form, prepare one subject thoroughly. Study procedural laws. Be aware of the current affairs. Reading News Paper on the day of the Interview is a must. Interview is dependent on the first impression, so ensure that you are appropriately and decently dressed. Seek permission before sitting, greet the chairperson in the board first and then the remaining ones. Speak confidently as they don’t want meek personality who is vulnerable to pressures.

I was apprehensive about my interview but then I thought there is more to lose if I lose my composure, so I decided to just walk in the interview with aplomb, rest was history. There was one board in Haryana comprising 6 members—three judges from High Court, Chairperson of HPSC, Advocate General & Law Secretary. My interview was very good. It revolved mostly around general information and was aptitude based. My interview lasted only for about 15 mins.

Questions asked during interview:

  • School, college information.
  • Why do you want to be a judge when your father is an advocate ?
  • Presently employed anywhere ?
  • Previous attempts in Judicial services.
  • Will you leave Haryana if you get selected in Delhi Judicial Service ? (Because I am from Delhi)
  • Favourite activity.
  • Favourite subject.
  • Any social issue prevalent in Haryana.
  • Views on Khap panchayat.
  • Views on Role of internet in modern times ? Whether it is good or bad ?
  • What changes are you ready to bring in yourself after becoming a judge ?
  • One courtroom situation was created and asked how to handle ?
  • Will you socially restrain yourself from mingling in society ?
  • One situation based Law question from section 27 of Indian Evidence Act.

On impact of educational, financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant on preparation:

Presence of these factors in an aspirant’s life act as a lubricant but absence of these cannot deter a person from achieving. It is the zeal, passion and perseverance of an individual which are the key factors which provide impetus to achieve success.

On her opinion on a recent report published by reputed survey agency that ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ is the largest read Career and Competition magazine:

The survey proves it all. It is undoubtedly a very reliable and accurate source of keeping oneself updated. The interviews of various achievers published in PD are a real shot in the arm. I would not exaggerate in saying that I was immensely benefited.

Personal Qualities
Favourite Person: My Father.

Strong Point: Perseverance and Daring nature.

Weak Point: Analysing situations at a micro level even when it’s not required.

Hobbies: Swimming and music.


On the Secret of Success:

Apart from hard work, self motivation and visions of future as a judge kept me going.

On giving Credit for success:

The list is endless. First and foremost to the Almighty, for choosing me to serve as a responsible person in the society; then my parents, my family and my group of motivating friends

On suggestions/advice to future aspirants:

If you want to enjoy the rainbow then you will have to deal with the rains.

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