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Shri Abhinav Pandey attained 7th Rank in his 1st attempt in Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination, 2015

“We expect legislation to conform to public opinion,

not public opinion to yield to legislation”


Shri Abhinav Pandey who attained 7th Rank in his 1st attempt in Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination, 2015; in an important, exclusive, thought-provoking and highly inspiring interview; attributes strong will power, continuity in devoted efforts, appropriate guidance and intelligent time-management to the secrets of his success. Extracts of the interview”:


On exact moment of realizing importance of ‘Judicial Services’:

It was only after I started to pursue my L-L.B. and visited courts during the internship then I realized the powers inherent in a judicial post, which can be used for welfare.

On the point of time of making up mind to make career in ‘Judicial Services’:

In my final year of L-L.B. at Amity Law School, Delhi, I had made a firm decision to join judiciary when I realized that this is something which suits my acumen and can help me to play a meaningful role in the society.

On having read toppers interviews in newspapers / magazines, one that inspired the most:

I have read many interviews though I cannot recall any specific interview. I must say that such interviews do inspire the aspirants.

On Judicial Services being a planned decision or parents’ wish: 

It was my parents’ wish and I made it into a planned decision. I thought that this is the best career for me as I do not merely want money and a settled life, but a career which gives me power to do justice to those whom it is denied.

On whether the set impressions of many candidates about Interview Boards help; or hinder one’s performance in Interview:

Frankly, I was one of such candidates. But I was pleasantly surprised as the Board was very cordial. It was basically a personal chat, and only personality based questions were asked by the Hon’ble Judges.

On the number of attempts in achieving success:

It was my first attempt.

On preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for ultimate goal i.e. Career in ‘Judicial Services’:

No, I focused on Judicial Services only.

On Motivation towards ‘Judicial Services’ despite other lucrative opportunities in changing economic environment:

With due respect to all other careers, I must say that being of law student, my only aim was a career in judicial services as it gives statutory power to remove wrongs and advance justice. Respect and responsibility follow.

On ‘Time Management’ being a key factor in preparations, facing problems during preparations and managing things:

For preparation, I made a list of topics in which I was not comfortable and paid maximum time to them. During examinations, it is important to attempt all questions and not to leave some questions at the cost of writing exceptionally good answers to other questions. This was the lesson I learnt.

On Judicial Services being a planned thing: 

I had decided to clear the very first judicial services examination which came my way, and to get a good rank, and in the very year in which I completed my graduation.

On the list some of the Magazines, Newspapers, Books etc. read for ‘General Studies’ preparation:       

Pratiyogita Darpan is the most comprehensive magazine. I have come across. I consulted the Panorama Year Book also, and found it to be more than sufficient.

Name: Abhinav Pandey

Father’s Name: Mr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Anita Pandey

Date of Birth: April 25, 1992.

Educational Qualifications:

10th: 2008, CBSE (92%)

12th: 2010, CBSE (91%)

L-L.B.: 2010-15, GGSIPU, Amity Law School, Delhi (81%)

On importance of medium of examination for exams like JSE:I had spent one month in preparing local general knowledge of Rajasthan. But the Interview Board (Consisting of Hon’ble Justice Ajay Rastogi, Hon’ble Justice M.N. Bhandari and noted academician Mrs. Rose Verghese) were kind enough not to ask me about Rajasthan. Interview consisted of general Bio-data based questions.On preparation for Interview, the Board & facing it:

I don’t think that medium of examination matters very much as a lot of people from both English and Hindi media do get selected.

On impact of educational, financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant on preparation:

I think that the educational and financial status does play a role and I feel that I am lucky to be on the better side. But I believe that nothing is impossible for a 100% dedicated candidate.

On opinion on a recent report published by reputed survey agency that ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ is the largest read Career and Competition magazine:

As I said earlier, it is unarguable the best, current affairs magazine I have come across. The ‘Compendium’ section and the ‘Current Questionnaire’ section are priceless.

On giving Credit for success:

My parents, my brother, my teachers from college, and Mr. Alok Ranjan from Ambition Law Institute and my friends, all have contributed to my success and I owe it to all of them.

Personal Qualities
Favourite  Persons:

Mahatma Gandhi, for the extraordinary power of non-violence that he made us realize. And Sachin Tendulkar and A.R. Rehman for their never ending quest for excellence.

Strong Point: I always prepare myself to be the best.

Weak Point: I think I am a too emotional person.

Hobbies: Reading, playing cricket, making sketches, painting and playing a little bit of music.


On suggestions/advice to future aspirants:

Believe in yourself and you have done half the job. Be sincere to yourself.

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