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My Childhood Memories

Childhood memories give us joyous comfort when we look back at them. We remember them as if they occurred yesterday or last week. The recollections of the childhood are very comforting and sweet infusing us with spirit of delight and nostalgia. In our Indian culture, childhood memories are fondly cherished and told to the next generation because what is stored in the memories during childhood is pure, innocent and unadulterated. A child goes through a life which is free from anxieties and troubles.  He is showered with love from all around from mother, father, grandfather and grandmother.


I fondly remember the way my grandmother used to fondle and caress me whenever I used to visit her in the evening in the porch of our old house. I was addicted to her tale-telling about fairies and ghosts, princess and prince. It used to be joyous experience which kept me absorbed with her for half an hour or so, until the story came to finish. My grandmother is no more and I do not think there could be someone else replacing her when it comes to providing the delight of imagination in the art of tale- telling. Because one could narrate a story but could never mix it with dose of love, which was expressed in her fingers moving through my hairs during narration of a story.

Another fond experience which I can never erase from my memory was waiting for return of my father from his work-place. My impatient eyes were always fixated on the doors till they were not knocked at from outside and opened by mother. As soon as I saw him entering the house and sitting to relax on the bed, I jumped into his lap to drench myself with fatherly affection.

When my father got me admission in nursery school, my happiness knew no bounds. My school was located at a distance of five kilometres from our home. I was lucky to have good-natured teachers in the schools who not only taught me knowledge but also etiquettes and manners. It was by the encouragement of those teachers that I understood the value of education in life. They taught me that in order to live and lead dignified life, knowledge is must. I cannot forget the deep debt of gratitude that I had from them in the form of knowledge. I will carry the debt over my head till eternity. The education, morals and other things that I got from my teachers is what made me stand in the society as a human being. In the same breath, I cannot forget the style of my Hindi teacher who used to teach Hindi Language in class fifth in extremely interesting manner. I still remember the words of appreciation he said about my focus and seriousness for learning National Language.

There are also other numerous memories of my childhood. What delighted me most as an occasion of happiness were the marriage functions that I attended on many occasions along with my parents. One of the most unforgettable functions was that of my father’s sister. The whole house was decorated with coloured lighting system. The crowd of the guests who came to attend the function was a scene to adore with and cherish. My father stood at the gate to receive the guests. Soon the marriage procession of bride-groom came and was received with dignity and respect by blowing of conch shells. The arrangement of orchestra and musical part was a thrilling experience. I enjoyed it very much by dancing to the tunes of famous film songs.

As famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh has rightly said in his famous poem that there is nothing that can redeem the treasure of joy that we all possess during our childhood days.

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