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Pakal Dul will be the Largest Hydro Power Project in J & K

Pakal Dul Hydroelectric Power Project, of which foundation stone was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 19, 2018, with 1000 MW capacity, shall be leading to additional Generation of 650 MU in downstream projects and shall improve the water availability during the lean season. Project proposed to be completed at a cost of ₹8112.12 crore as per CCEA sanction is supported by the Government of India as well as the Government of Jammu & Kashmir and is the first storage Project in J & K with a storage capacity in 0.5 million acres of area. Pakal Dul Project will be the largest Hydro Power Project in J & K on completion and its timelines of implementation is 66 months from the start of the Project. Pakistan relies on the Chenab downstream and had raised an objection to the design of Pakal Dul hydro project during the Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) meeting which concluded in New Delhi on Friday March 30, 2018, whereas India states it is as per Treaty Provisions.

  • Pakal Dul Hydroelectric Project being constructed by the Chenab Valley Power Projects (CVPP) on Marusadar River, the main tributary of Chenab River at village Drangdhuran about 45 Kms from Kishtwar in Kishtwar district will bring immense benefits to the people of J&K by way of improved power supply, employment generation and infrastructure creation.
  • Government of J&K shall be getting 12% free power after 10 years of commissioning of the Project and water usage charges as applicable.
  • Additional 1% free power will go towards Local Area Development Fund (LADF).
  • of J&K has first right to purchase balance power of NHPC (49%) & PTC (2%).
  • Around 3000 persons shall be employed directly/ indirectly during construction phase of the project.
  • Around 500 persons shall be employed directly/indirectly during operation phase of the Project.
  • Local population will be benefitted by the improvement and widening of roads and improvement of bridges under the Project.
  • Project has 167 m high Concrete Face Rockfill Dam
  • Project has 2 Head Race Tunnels that are Horse shoe/Circular shaped, 7.2 m dia, each 9.6 Km long as its salient features.
  • Project has 4 Tail Race Tunnel of5 m dia Horse shoe shaped, each is 125 m long.
  • Project has 4 Units of 250 MW each, (1000 MW) Underground Power House.
  • Project will divert water to the south through a 10 km (6.2 mi) long headrace tunnel and into power station on the reservoir of the Dul Hasti Dam, on the Chenab.

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