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Self-assessment is a key activity in striving to achieve a sense of one’s personal best. To conduct a personal SWOT analysis, ask yourself some simple questions. Answer honestly. Honesty is crucial; otherwise the analysis will not generate meaningful results. With that in mind, try to see yourself from the standpoint of a colleague or a bystander, and view criticism with objectivity:

  • Am I useful to the society and performing my social obligations?
  • Am I doing, what I should be doing?
  • How well I am doing, what I am doing?
  • Am I liked by my Boss/Family/Teachers?
  • Am I good at public speaking?
  • Am I good with my Friends/Relatives/Colleagues?
  • Am I able to foresee future and adopt right strategies?
  • Am I able to control my anger?
  • Am I able to control my greed?
  • Am I able to control my worries?
  • Am I grateful, for what I have got?

SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate a project, business venture, product, place, industry or person. It can be used effectively to build organization or personal strategy. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. The SWOT analysis exercise ignites an enhanced awareness of what one brings to the table in a balanced light of both advantages and challenges. SWOT is:

  • Strengths: qualities that can be used as an advantage over others
  • What are you good at naturally?
  • What skills have you worked to develop?
  • What are your talents, or natural-born gifts?
  • How strong is your network of connections?
  • What do other people see as your strengths?
  • What values and ethics set you apart from your peers?


  • Weaknesses:qualities that are a disadvantage relative to others
  • What are your negative work habits and traits?
  • Does any part of your education or training need improving?
  • What would other people see as your weaknesses?
  • Where can you improve?
  • What are you afraid to do or most likely to avoid?
  • What negative feedback about your personality has been received by you?


  • Opportunities: elements that could be exploited to for an advantage
  • What is the state of the economy?
  • Which industry is growing?
  • Which innovative technology can be exploited?
  • Is there new demand for a skill or trait you possess?
  • What are the biggest changes occurring in the current business environment?
  • Have customers or colleagues given you feedback about new services you could provide, or ways to improve your manner?


  • Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble
  • Is there strong competition for the types of jobs for which you are best suited?
  • Do your weaknesses inhibit your ability to rise in your career or change jobs?
  • What is the biggest external danger to your goals?
  • Are there any new professional standards you cannot meet?
  • Are there any new technology, education or certification requirements that will impede your progress?

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