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TajWhite Experience… a blend of technology with notebooks


TajWhite is youth-centric brand from India. TajWhite notebooks are dressed with premium quality paper and eye-catching cover designs, inspired by smart choice of the youth from across the world. Its notebooks are crafted for School, College, Corporate, Executive and Personal use.

TajWhite product range includes Exercise book, Notebook, Drawing/Sketch book, Spiral Notebook, Wire-O Notebook, Writing Pads, Filler paper, Memo blocks, cubes, etc.

TajWhite, the youngest stationery brand in India, is known for its wao! designs. It has elevated its wao design effect to a complete new level using technology, TajWhite Experience.

This is a whole new, refreshing and exciting experience with TajWhite notebooks. TajWhite Experience is all about brain activities, learning and fun.


How one can enjoy TajWhite experience: Simply, by scanning the QR code, given on the notebook, with the QR code reader on mobile phone.

The key highlights of TajWhite experience


1) Love for paper… enjoy a short film on brand TajWhite:

An exclusive first hand learning experience of brand TajWhite… ‘because every dream starts on a piece of paper…’


2) Design Experience… A creative explorer’s experience:

Our notebook owners can explore complete range of designs that are specific to the category of notebook they scan.


3) Personalized experience:

Choose from TajWhite’s master collection of designs and own your notebook with that design and your name printed on it. That is the breath-taking idea of TajWhite experience.


4) Puzzles:

Every puzzle you complete, you will realize a TajWhite cover design evolving from it. You have an option to choose your own difficulty level of the puzzle.


5) Riddles:

A massive collection of these activities will give a new challenge to you every moment.

6) Brainteasers:

Tease your brain with our collection of brain teasers.

The collection is random and every time you enjoy you will find new puzzles, riddles and brainteasers.

No Scores… No Time Limit… No Rules… Just for Fun… Lots of Fun…

Ever since TajWhite notebook collection was launched in January 2015, our team started working on ‘What can be the next big leap in the notebook industry?’ Realizing that our notebooks, if integrated with some technology may result in an innovative experience. Here it is TajWhite Experience. We want to offer notebooks with an experience that goes beyond a physical notebook in hand. We are determined of offering lots of brain activity, learning and fun through our TajWhite Experience.


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